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Kiss My Aesthetic Podcast

Mar 22, 2022

Brodi-Rose (aka Bro) is a qualified Graphic Designer and an Approved Canva Creator based in regional Australia. She specialises in Brand + Illustration, Canva Templates, and more. Bro is passionate about bridging the gap for small businesses to access beautiful and intentional design through templates, easy-to-use websites, and brands that were made to be used. 

In 2020, Bro was invited by Canva to be a Creator, and when she isn't busy building brands for kick-ass business owners, she creates templates and illustrations directly for Canva. 


In today's episode, we cover:

  • Bro’s offerings from free to VIP
  • Growing your business as a graphic designer (can also apply to other service providers)
  • How Bro started her business after such a diverse background 
  • The importance of following peers to get inspired
  • Sharing, learning, and growing as a group - Collaboration is so key!
  • Canva - Are you less of a designer if you use it?
  • Ways business owners can use and benefit from using Canva
  • How to be a Canva Creator
  • How Canva is helping new generations’ creativity 
  • Ways you (graphic designer) can help leverage your clients and your business by having Canva offerings
  • Pricing: Canva vs. Adobe
  • Creating passive income with Canva




Guest info:

For more on Bro, you can find her as @brodirose on Instagram, as Brodi-Rose Creative Co on Pinterest, and for more about working with her or purchasing one of her templates, head over to



Connect on social with Michelle at:


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